Our Automotive Series applications are the most efficient way to remove grease, chips, charcoal of any kind of material.

  • With minimum time requirements
  • Without damaging your componen
  • Without using solvents, only water and cleaning agents

Custom applications, even for cleaning and degreasing of large naval elements or energy production plants.

  • High Quality
  • Total removal of impurities
  • Accelerates repair processes

Solutions that eliminate perfectly the remains of all materials from soft metals to all types of plastics and rubbers.

  • Reduces consumption of de-molding agents.
  • Eliminates all remaining, burnt substances.
  • Saves high labor costs.

Commercial applications of recent development with significant technological base and high added value for your process:

  • Reduces costs for consumable supplies.
  • Saves high labour costs through X-Y robots.
  • Highly competitive prices.

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Before and after samples

  • molde-aluminio-calzado
  • Sierra Madera

Projects portfolio

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Maximum quality finish without manpower cost and up to 6 times cheaper regarding additives and water consumption.
For more than 50 years, UltraTecno provides industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment for different sectors and industrial applications.

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Ultrasonic cleaner

Welcome to UltraTecno’s official website, leading worldwide company specialized in the design and distribution of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.  With more than 45 years of experience in this field, UltraTecno has always aimed to always satisfy the quality commitment with our clients, offering them the best results.

Since we opened our doors back in 1964, we are at the forefront of the use of new technologies all around the world, offering the best results with our ultrasonic equipment.  This objective has prompted us to begin a joint path with a prestigious Australian company whose work, such as ours, is been recognized worldwide by very demanding quality certificates.  We currently offer services to a large amount of industry sectors.

  • Energy and Cogeneration Plants
  • Automobile, Ship and Railroad Industries
  • Automobile Service and Ship Maintenance
  • Machining and Milling Workshops
  • Food Industry
  • Injection moulds.

Ultrasonic generator

Our ultrasound cleaning systems developed in Valencia are worldwide recognized for the large number of advantages they provide unlike other traditional methods still used today. Our ultrasonic or supersonic cleaner offers very superior cleaning results by saving on consumption costs and labour, and avoiding the use of solvents. Our cleaning systems are the perfect option for a great variety of industrial parts without damaging them. Our Ultrasonic generators also offer a wide range of features. Buy our professional ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic cleaner generator by visiting our website.

The quality commitment of our company will last as long as your client wishes.  Once you acquire an ultrasonic cleaning equipment from our catalogues, we offer you an excellent maintenance service that ensures the equipment tune-up and maintenance on a regular basis, addressing any incidence in the shortest possible time and with the minimum disturbances.

Finally, if our standard equipment oesn’t meet your requirements, UltraTecno will be delighted to develop a customized solution to answer exclusively to your needs.

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