Perche’ lavare con gli ultrasuoni e’ conveniente

by Ultratecno • 30/06/2015
CARATTERISTICHE DEGLI ULTRASUONI Il sistema di lavaggio con ultrasuoni consente con una sola operazione di lavare perfettamente qualunque pezzo in un’unica volta, senza eseguire successive operazioni di rifinitura.   VANTAGGI DEGLI ULTRASUONI 1. LAVAGGIO PROFONDO DI ALTA QUALITA’: Con gli ultrasuoni si elimina lo sporco sia esternamente che internamente, con la stessa accuratezza ad efficienza, […]

High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning, 28 kHz

by Ultratecno • 25/06/2015
After 45 years being a reference in the sector, our equipment is recognised as a reliable and powerful machine. This is mainly due to our low frequency technology at 28 kHz, which produces millions of bubbles by the cavitational phenomenon, which are far more powerful than the tinier ones provided by standard frequencies at 38-40 […]

Thermoforming molds cleaning with ultrasonics

by Ultratecno • 25/06/2015
Industry maintenance of all types of molds, is a highly benefited sector when using high power ultrasonic cleaning. This application is very grateful, in which very good cleaning results are obtained in very competitive times.Mold cleaning by this method, the most advanced system of non-corrosive processes, allows molds being perfectly cleaned without suffering any damage, […]

Rebuilders buy UltraTecno ultrasonic machines; Rematec

by Ultratecno • 25/06/2015
Once again, exhibiting with our local distributor in the Netherlands, Mr. Paul Van Dueren from FTF fijntechniek fijnaart b.v., we have attracted many rebuilders and profiles for different applications. We received in our stand many current customers asking for bigger units for harder applications after experimenting the reliability of our ACM´s. Many clients by reference […]

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